• Do you offer discounts or other promotions? Yes we do. Make sure you sign up for our emails and SMS and follow us on our social media platforms.
  • Do you sell gift cards? Yes we do. You can find our gift card located in the personal care section.
  • Do you have a rewards program? Yes we do! Don't forget to sign up so you can earn Nature Bucks and redeem for the reward of your choice.


  • Where are Sweetie's Nature Shop products made? Our products are personally handcrafted in small, quality-controlled batches in North Carolina.
  • What is the shelf life/expiration of our products? Unless the product has an expiration date or best use by date listed, the product shelf life is 8 months. Products should be stored in a cool, dry place with minimal exposure to direct light to maximize product shelf life.

  • What are the signs of an expired product? Since there are different ingredient combinations used in each of our products, and the various expiration dates of different products, great rules of thumb to follow are:

    • The smell of the product whereby the oils have gone rancid. When it doubt, throw it out!
    • Products should be usable beyond 2 years in sealed containers. Any opened package should be tossed after 2 years.
    • Storing your product somewhere cool will help with product preservation.

    What is the difference between a lotion, body cream, body butter, and body oil? While all moisturizers have the same goal of skin hydration, the consistency of the product is usually different and uses slightly different ingredients. Lotion is thinner than the body cream because they both have water as a main ingredient. Body butters consist of only oils and butters, so the product is anhydrous (without water) and thicker. Body oils are just different oils combined with fragrance.


    Where do you ship: We ship within the United States and certain areas in Canada. Click here for additional information Shipping Info.

    What if my package is late or lost? Since we use the United States Postal Service as our main shipping avenue, we highly suggest that you sign up for USPS's free Informed Delivery service. You will receive text notifications about any package, not just from SNS that is coming to your address. 


    What is your return/refund policy? If you received a defective, or wrong item from your online order, please contact us right away. For other questions regarding our return policy, please click on Refund Policy.

    What if an item or items arrive damaged? Please reach out to Sweetie's Nature Shop immediately at customerservice@sweetiesnatureshop.com.

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