Fall Time

Hey SNS Family! I hope everyone has been doing well. The weather here in NC is starting to stabilize, not too much up and down with the temperatures anymore. It's time to break out the warm cider, hot cocoa, fuzzy socks, and blankets for those that live in cold weather climates!

A lot of exciting things take place this season. We have fall festivals, Halloween, our 1-year shop anniversary, Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday. I'm so excited as this is my favorite time of year with all of the festivities going on. Take the time out to enjoy doing a fall activity with your family.

Firstly, I apologize for not keeping you guys abreast of much of anything in October. I needed to take a break for mental rest and reset after moving the entire month of September. Moving is very taxing on the body. I highly suggest a moving company. I also have been gearing up to work on my first custom order. We have to produce over 120 items for one of our special customers. SNS has been so blessed by this opportunity and we are eternally grateful.

Secondly, on November 12th, it will be the 1-year anniversary for Sweetie's Nature Shop being out here in these internet streets! We thank you for your love and support on our journey and through this pandemic. We will be doing something special to commemorate making it through our first year.

Third of all, keep your eyes glued to your emails as I will be sharing lots of information about the rest of the holiday season, new product launches, and general changes happening to the shop in 2022.

Lastly, I pray that everyone really spends quality time with loved ones for this upcoming Thanksgiving holiday. This pandemic has done something to everyone and we just need to hold each other a little tighter now.

Until next time!


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